Discover your strengths

I believe people are powerful. Each of us has our strengths, whether it’s having a sense of humor or being brilliant at math. Every strength can help an organization or customer in some way. Often times, we don’t know what our strengths are until we succeed and somebody says, “Good job.” Many times if we do something impressive but we don’t hear a “good job”, we aren’t even aware that we possess a talent because the skill is no natural and we don’t feel special.
One of my goals, as I coach small business owners, managers, and employees, is to help you realize your unique strengths. However, I don’t simply say, “Hey, that’s a talent.” I ask powerful questions that help you discover that you are talented. You have to self-discover to truly believe. Even when we receive positive feedback, we have to believe it ourselves. Why? Because there is always going to be that part of us that says, “That person [who complimented me] really doesn’t know me or what I went through to acquire this skill,” or, “They must have a motive.” Yes, these are demons in our heads, but nonetheless, we all have them. Therefore, it is important that we believe in our achievements. Sometimes we don’t believe in them because we aren’t aware that we achieved because we only see things through our everyday lense.
By asking questions, I will challenge you to see things from a different perspective. Questions compel people to be introspective. Google’s dictionary defines introspection as, “The examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.” When we are asked powerful, open-ended questions, we go through this process of introspection. This means we put on different, perhaps more powerful and effective lenses, to acquire a more accurate answer.
This is what coaching is. Coaching is asking powerful questions to help you through the process of self-discovery. Consulting, on the other hand, is advising or telling you what you should do (and many times based on the experiences of the consultant, not the client). This method may be effective temporarily, but unless you believe it yourself, consulting is not a long-term solution. I am excited to help you discover your strengths. You are strong. It’s time to believe it.
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