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Quinn is a true coach. She has a way of getting a person to think and rediscover themselves. I feel much more self-confident and the unknown is now an open door that I’m not afraid of entering.”                    – Ellen Bauer

Quinn is a certified coach through The International Coaching Federation (ICF), experienced facilitator and seasoned human resources professional. She brings over a decade of experience coaching professionals, from high growth start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. She helps professionals around the globe unlock their potential, grow as leaders and get the most out of their careers. Areas of specialty include Leadership Development, Career Transition, and Group Facilitation.
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I know what it is like to feel lost and out of balance, and I also know what it takes to create calm in your life and take control of your future…

As a human resources professional for many years, I often saw employees being promoted for their technical skills, but lacked the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective leaders. This had a negative impact on the organization, in particular low employee engagement and high turnover costs. In addition, many employees I met with felt unfulfilled in their roles and lacked meaning in their work. I too found myself in the middle of an eleven year career feeling like something was missing and my life was out of balance.

After closely examining my work as an HR professional, I found the interactions with employees and executives provided me the most reward and meaning – helping them overcome obstacles in their career, grow as leaders and create more balance in their lives. I found it very natural to talk about these issues and got a lot of positive feedback from employees and company leaders following our conversations.

Through a year-long journey of reflection and research, I discovered who I am and what makes me tick. With this information, I have been able to create a life I love and a career I enjoy waking up to each day.

I am passionate about applying this same discovery process to help other individuals and organizations succeed.

Coaching Style
She brings a calm, warm, and friendly approach to her coaching which puts her clients at ease and allows them to speak openly about their dreams and aspirations.


Quinn is very easy to talk to. She treats you like someone she knows, but still gives her professional, unbiased, honest feedback – something you might not always get from family and friends.” – Margaret Brennan


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