Adoptive Parents

I help Adoptive Parents who may be feeling insecure, overwhelmed, and struggling with connection to find confidence, peace and belonging.

I am certain every adoptive parent remembers the moment their child comes into their life, regardless of age, just as biological parents remember the birth of their child. If infertility has played a role in the eventual adoption, the joy of the fulfillment of the longing to be a parent may seem almost too intense to bear.

If the adoptee is an infant, we have learned that (s)he is in a different place; grieving a profound loss along with the birth mother. And if the child is older, (s)he could be wondering, “How long before I have to go somewhere else?”

Relinquishment was the necessary action that allowed our adoptive families to be born. The consequences of relinquishment and adoption sometimes result in disconnection when all we want is empathy, validation and belonging.

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    • Estes Turner says:

      Thanks. Your comment seems to originate from the U.K. Any insights or personal experience with open birth records in your country?

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