What IS coaching, anyway?

Lots of people misunderstand what personal coaching is. All coaching – athletic coaching, labor coaching, etc. guides the “coachee” or client to do something THEMSELVES that they might not be able to do without coaching support. But the coach doesn’t do the main work – the client does, with support.

  • The football coach doesn’t catch the pass and run for a touchdown.
  • The labor coach doesn’t have the baby.
  • And the personal coach doesn’t make the decisions for the client.

So what’s the value of a coach?
In the case of personal coaching, the coach helps clients focus on what they want from the coaching session, and from a series of sessions. Then, using powerful questions, the coach guides the client’s exploration of issues, reflecting what the client is really saying, revealing hidden insights, clarifying, and leading the client to decide next steps toward their goal.

What coaching is NOT:

Coaching is not psychotherapy. Coaching clients are basically mentally healthy people who want guidance to get more out of life. Coaching isn’t concerned with past problems; only with goals and actions to take from now on to make life richer, more satisfying, and less stressful.

Coaching is not an advice line. Although rarely a coach will be somewhat directive in a conversation, coaches help you discover your own wisdom; they don’t tell you what to do or think.

The best way to see what coaching feels like is to experience it yourself.

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