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Be Bold. be brave.

Live your most courageous life after…

What does life after mean to you?

Maybe you or someone you love has been impacted by cancer. Or perhaps you have just experienced a major loss or other life change. Or maybe you just feel a need for change. Life can throw challenges in our path that rock our foundation. You want to go back to your old routine and you just want to move on, but something has shifted.

  • Do you find yourself out of place in your old routine?
  • Do you see your job, relationships or life differently?
  • Do you find what used to be important as merely trivial?
  • Are you fighting the desire to be normal with an urge to live the life you secretly desire?

 You are not alone in this journey. 

Design your life 

Life after…can be A Better life

Find the path that fits. Do more than just survive. Thrive. 


Cancer, loss, and other life transitions can rock your world. Once you get through the immediate suffering, you may wonder what is next? 

How do you find a new normal? 

How do you take your experience into the next chapter?

What do you want the next chapter to say?

I am here to help you determine what is next. What do you want life after…cancer, loss, accident, illness, job change… to look like?

Together we can make your biggest challenge into your biggest opportunity. 

ready to find your courage?

Would you like a travel companion on your new journey? I’d love to join you if we’re a good match. Contact me for a free 30-minute phone call and you can decide if you want to take me along for the ride.  

your guide

Stage four cancer survivor. Runner. Hiker. Cyclist. Lover of life.  

Rochelle Finzel

Life Leadership Coach

What are you waiting for?