Five signs it is time to quit your job

Many people want to stick with jobs until the bitter end, aka when they fire you. This isn’t a good idea. It might seem good, because you can collect unemployment, however the cost in the short and long term often add up to way more than the money you get in unemployment checks.

5. The company asks you to do something illegal and/or unethical.

This is an excellent reason to quit right away. Turn in your resignation notice now. Don’t stress about getting sent to jail because you did something illegal your boss asked you to do, or worry that you will get laid off because you did not do what was asked.

4. The company asks you to work unreasonable hours.

If your job is asking you to work more than 6 days a week or 80 hours a week something is wrong. You have to sleep too, and you need time to recharge. If you actually put in that kind of time week after week month after month how will you take care of your other needs?

3. The company does not pay you enough to live there.

I don’t know how many times I need to say this, especially to twenty somethings just starting out, but also older people who somehow miss out on this important life lesson. Before you even take a job, you need to do your homework on what it will cost to live in the location close enough to commute to your workplace. If you can not afford food, housing, and other expenses while holding down the job, you should not take it in the first place. Some jobs in certain areas of the country may pay what seems like a high salary (some places in California are the worst, but other places can have this problem as well.) If you find out once you take the job that your salary does not cover your expenses, and you can not cut expenses any more, you need to quit it before you deplete all your savings.

2. You already have an offer for a better job that pays more.

Don’t stay at your old company out of loyalty or something. If it doesn’t work out for some reason, your old company might hire you back anyway if they like you so much. If they don’t like you, why do you want to be there anyway?

1. Your job is taking a toll on your health.

If you start to have health complaints due to stress from work, or because of poor working conditions, then it is time for you to quit. If you have to take several “mental health days.” because the job gets to you so much, just resign. Don’t put yourself through more misery. You might thinking sticking it out is better, but health issues can have permanent consequences for you because of what you did to yourself.

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