How to pursue relationships that help you

Today I’m going to talk a lot about what happens when you get stuck, and then give up. Most people set goals, and then, if they don’t get any encouragement, give up on them. You might have a great fantastic lifetime goal, but if too many people say too many times, hey, that is unrealistic, you might just put it down and settle for something you believe to be realistic. But what happens if none of your so called “realistic” goals work out for you? Are you ready to say the hell with your former family and friends and go out into the world doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals? Those are the kinds of people I like to work with now. People say you have to be lucky to make it big in an industry, and that it is all about who you know, luck, lucky and how you were born.

You are an adult now, and the point is you can deliberately seek out relationships that can help you achieve your goals, and discard the ones that don’t, the ones that hold you back too much, be that from family or friends. You can ignore what everyone around you is saying and plunge headfirst into the unknown going after what you desire without doubting yourself or if it is even possible.

Now, the next things I say are going to be really counterintuitive, and really go against everything you were ever taught, but I’m going to tell you that you will have to work with your opposite to be successful, the people who are so unlike you in one or more ways that you are sure to succeed.

We start by looking at the kind of person you are, the kinds of goals and dreams you have, the kinds of social circles you enjoy, and the communities that you already belong to. We are going look deep at every preference, every hobby, every past profession, family friends culture, including religious and political beliefs. We can get a clearer picture of you and who you are the more you reveal about yourself, even if you haven’t revealed that much about yourself.

The next step of course is to pair up each of those things with its opposite. Sometimes, figuring out the opposite of something is easy. Other times, it is hard. Sometimes you know right away what the opposite of something is, other times you do not. Sometimes you realize there is actually not black and white opposites, but a range of opinions on a subject. People might be wondering, well, why I am I taking a look at you, and pairing up every aspect of yourself against its opposite? Because the key to getting anything you want is the union of opposites, also known as the philosophers stone, and I am simply helping you to apply the universal formula to social networking to get what you so desire.

The third step will be taking these two ideas, the ideas that people are the same, and also opposites, and applying it to your strategy of who you need to connect with next, who will be most valuable for you in order to get the thing you so desire the most. When you wish to grow an audience for any reason, this is a strategy that will be most valuable to you. I know, I know, I am going deep into the process here, but basically when the options for achieving your goal have dead ended, you need to get other ideas and things you have not thought of before. You absolutely need to step outside of your normal social circles and enjoy doing it.

The fourth step, is really unlearning all the mindset blocks, all the negative ideas you have about going into groups and meeting people. You will probably have to rethink how you view relationships. There were so many negative mindset things I had to fix when I first started doing this step, that I didn’t really find it fun. I didn’t have a lot of faith in the process. I had this desire to give up and walk away many times, but I continued so relentlessly joining new groups and meeting new people that it became a habit. There was no one in my circles who was so valuable that I had to make them like or agree with me. If someone wanted nothing to do with me fine, it was a relief to have them out of the picture so I could focus on those who had something to offer me.

After that it is all about accountability, and continuing to do the things that move towards your goals rather than away from them in the form of helpful relationships.

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