Getting Started

The Fork in the Road

When adult adoptees get together and talk freely about their life experience, the words “separate, different, alone, and chameleon” are likely to be heard.

In 1992 when, at age 45, a walk through my dining room turned to something like a panic attack, I did not know that. What I did know was that I needed help. That was the day I began to give up “going it alone.” Looking back over the last twenty-plus years it is easy to see the consequences of disconnection, isolation and the struggle to fit in. Even the loving and nurturing adoptive family in which I grew up could not insulate me from the stress of loneliness. I was fortunate to find a therapist and a support group who could see me as I really am and hear what I had to say like it mattered.

My first job as your coach is to listen – like you have never been listened to before. A free, no obligation sample session could be your first step on the road to belonging. Call me today to schedule your thirty minute sample session.

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