Birth Parents

I help Birth Moms and Birth Fathers who may be burdened by secrecy, guilt and shame to find truth, forgiveness, and peace.

While attending an adoption support group at Adoption Network Cleveland, I heard for the first time, by listening to other women who had relinquished their children, what it might have been like for my Birth Mother, Margaret. Did she think about me on my birthday?┬áHad she, too, been forced to shoulder the heavy burden of secrecy about my birth? Had my Birth Grandparents been ashamed of her (and me!) for violating the prohibition of bearing a child out of wedlock? Had she been abandoned by a man (my father) who found it too easy to walk away and pretend we didn’t exist? Did he think about me on my birthday? Did he even know?

When a Birth Parent relinquishes their right to parent and raise their son or daughter, they do not give up their right to know what happened to their adult child. It would be my honor to help you embrace the truth of what happened, and discover the peace that comes through forgiveness.

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