Dr. Jackie Black

JACKIE BLACK, PH.D., BCC is an internationally recognized Relationship Expert, Educator, Author and Coach; and an experienced Mentor Coach and Trainer. She was named by COSMO as one of their “most beloved international love gurus.”

Dr. Jackie transitioned out of counseling into Coaching, first being certified by CTA, then studying at ILCT (Institute of Life Coach Training) and completing advanced training in relationship coaching at RCI (Relationship Coaching Institute). Dr. Jackie’s relationship coaching business serves clients throughout North America and around the world. Dr. Jackie sends her monthly Relationship Tip Sheet to men and women in over 38 countries.

Additionally, she is a Mentor Coach and Trainer at Coach Training Alliance and provides mentor coaching services to a limited number of clients every year through her Mentor Coaching Center.  Dr. Jackie is the former President of BuildingYourIdealPractice.com and the former Director of Practice Development for the Relationship Coaching Institute, where she provided training and support to coaches building their coaching businesses.


Dr. Jackie’s third book –Love Like a Black Belt: Cracking the code to being a happy couple is available on Amazon.com.