Laurie Cameron



Every professional athlete, performer, musician, actor practices his/her craft outside the game or the performance to hone, fine-tune and perfect their craft. Michael Jordan practices free-throws; BB King practices riffs; Merrill Streep practices her lines, her inflection, her expressions.

Everyone who wants to be a masterful coach should be doing the same thing – practicing their craft outside the coaching sessions. The art of “Crafting” powerful coaching questions is a skill that can – and should – be practiced.  This session is your opportunity to do just that

This will be a very interactive class, with a bit of theory and LOTS of practical application in the form of “tag-team” coaching sessions.


All participants will also receive Laurie’s list of “toolbox” coaching questions. Download your Tool Box Coaching Questions

Laurie has trained and mentored over 700 coaches around the world. Through her business, WAKE UP! Enterprises, she also helps executives successfully manage the business they’re really in: Relationships. She is the author of The Sage and Scholar’s Guide to Coaching Singles and The Journey from Fear to Love.

Laurie is a past President of the Denver Coach Federation, and is a CTA Certified Coach, a Master Certified Relationship Coach, an Opposite Strengths Certified Executive Coach, and the Director of the Opposite Strengths Executive Coach Community.