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Recordings are normally available within 24 hours after each session.

If you have any questions about this material, please contact Support@CoachTrainingAlliance.com

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Prior to your first class, please listen to the two following short audio recordings.  

These short audio presentations cover many housekeeping items, logistics and frequently asked questions that will allow our first class experience to focus on the material (vs. the logistics or course requirements.)


Requirements for Certification (5 min)




What to Expect From Your Training (6 min)




Syllabus, Reporting Forms and Check-List

All participants use the same material and adhere to the same eligibility requirements for certification. A general version of these materials is provided below. Your Mentor Coach will provide the following documents customized for your specific class with unique dates and class specific dial-in instructions.

  • 12 Week Syllabus   PDF  Word
  • Requirements for Certification   PDF  Word
  • HCC Reporting Form   PDF  Word
  • For Leaders Only   PDF  Word

Please contact your Mentor Coach for the customized version of these documents if you have not already received them.