“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly!– unknown

Welcome to Stephanie Casaubon Coaching!

As an empowerment coach, I help individuals, like yourself, access their inner wisdom to achieve their dreams. You stand within a universe of possibilities – and I can help you unlock them. Together we can create strategies to transform your life into exactly what you desire.

My coaching is tailor-made to each individual. The style incorporates digging deep to uncover the true obstacles to your dreams and then carefully crafting action steps to achieve your desired results – all with an emphasis on self-care.

Focus areas:

  • Up-leveling your career
  • Relocating internationally… for work or for life
  • Parent Empowerment (adoption related here)

As a certified life coach, full-time mom and expat in France, my ideal clients are: those seeking major moves – either internationally or within their career and those searching for balance in new motherhood. For me, my purpose has always been to have a positive impact on the lives of others. And that includes yours!

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Coaching offered worldwide via phone or teleconference.

Stephanie changed my life. The work we did careerwise opened up a flood of opportunities that I didn’t know how to unlock, and the work she has done with me personally has freed me from long-held habits that I wasn’t aware were stifling me. She has helped me to better understand myself, release emotion, and better interact with others. I cannot recommend her enough.

Harris D. – NYC

Stephanie helped me jump-start a passion project I had been procrastinating on for months. She gave me practical resources and actionable goals to help me move past my fear and dive in with joy. Now the ball is rolling, and I’m excited and empowered to continue and get it done. Thanks, Stephanie!

Marcy M. – Los Angeles

After experiencing some difficult challenges, Stephanie guided me on a path that made sense of the chaos and helped me develop a plan of action that was logical and highly beneficial for my situation. I now feel more steadfast and secure in my decisions, aware of my responsibility to myself, and much more prepared to face whatever trials are in front of me.

 Jennifer B. – Illinois

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