Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Life™ – August 2013



Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Life™

Intention, Awareness, Compassion, Acceptance and Growth

Coach Training Alliance (CTA) would like to welcome you to Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Life which provides you with the coaching tools and principles to guide others to overcome blocks and create growth in their lives.  

Some of the items we will discuss during our time together include:

  • the collaborative relationship between clients and coaches 
  • the impact coaching will have on your clients
  • the benefits of coaching


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Audio For Playback – Available within 24 hours of each session.

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Sasha B. Cohen

Your Expert Guide Sasha B. Cohen, a former tennis professional on the WTA Tour, has been practicing and studying yoga for 13 years. Her enduring passion for holistic intelligence and commitment to a healthy physical/emotional/energetic body, was the impetus for her journey. Some personal transitions were profoundly healed on her mat, allowing this pivotal experience to align her next path.“My life has been transcended by this deeply connected and nourishing practice and to share this experience with others in the role of a teacher, is the greatest gift I could receive,” says Sasha. “Yoga is an amazing and important vehicle towards satya (truth) and freedom, and it is our immense responsibility to guide students towards their highest and authentic selves through patience, compassion and unconditional love.” Sasha received her vinyasa, sculpt and yin certifications through Core Power Yoga in Boulder, CO in 2009.In addition, Sasha is a certified lifestyle/wellness coach and has been practicing privately since 2002.

She resonates fully with the collaboration of the coach/client relationship and the ways in which this work empowers individuals to step into their truth and reach for their dreams. The life coaching principles are simple, effective and powerful and she finds tremendous fulfillment in bearing witness to these changes, both on and off the mat.