Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Life™

Taking Yoga Off the
Mat and Into Life™



Intention, Awareness, Acceptance and Growth

The same guiding principles that take us through our practice can be used in life outside the studio

Coach Training Alliance would like to introduce you to ways you can start “Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Life™”

Just as yogis guide us through our practice, “Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Life™” will teach you how to be a guide to others to overcome blocks and create growth outside of the studio.

Sign up! and receive the free digital download  “Introduction to Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Life™.   This short, self-paced workbook will help you discover new ways to apply what you already know about yoga.   Expand the beauty and benefits of yoga to other areas of your life.

Want to go Deeper in your Practice?  Enroll in the Course!   Just as teacher training develops your ability to practice yoga more masterfully,  “Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Life™” -the course- will develop your ability to competently and confidently guide/coach others.  Get trained, get certified!  Class schedule listed here:  Learn More about the Class.

Join us for this fun, informative and inspiring experience.

It is as much about personal change as it is helping others.

The first step is here and now!

If you missed our last call – listen to it now and ask your questions below!

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