Yoga2Life – December 17th, 2013


The same guiding principles that take us through our practice can be used in life coaching to empower, support and encourage others.

Yoga2Life will teach you how to be a guide to others to overcome blocks and create growth.   Yoga2Life – Core Coaching for Effective Change builds intention, awareness, compassion, acceptance and growth.

Yoga2Life will help you explore your ability to further help others tap into their own intuition, overcome obstacles and achieve their goals – through coaching.

And because both coaching and yoga share a common foundation, your newly developed coaching skills can also be applied back to your yoga practice to make the experience as a student or teacher more powerful.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

It’s all part of Core Coaching for Effective Change™ a 12 week certification program developed specifically to be integrated into the practice and leadership role of the yogi – Core Coaching for Effective Change™ is based on the successful training and launching of thousands of coaching careers over the last decade by ICF Approved Coach Training Alliance.

When you become a Core Certified Coach you learn incredible amounts about the process of human change, the neuroscience behind change in the human experience and specific skills to help others as they grow their lives and you grow your practice.

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