Yoga2Life – Core Coaching for Effective Change October 8, 2013


Join the conversation between Carrie Martello, Mentor Coach, and Paula Secker-Johnston, Enrollment Director, as they explore the benefits of adding coaching skills to your business.

The same guiding principles that take us through our practice can be used in life coaching to empower, support and encourage others.   Yoga2Life will teach you how to be a guide to others to overcome blocks and create growth.   Yoga2Life – Core Coaching for Effective Change builds intention, awareness, compassion, acceptance and growth.

Our next 12-week tele-seminar begins Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 2 pm (Eastern).   Learn coaching tools so that you can experience the radical impact you can have on your clients’ lives – as a coach.  CTA has launched thousands of lucrative growth-focused coaching careers. The first step is here and now!  Listen to our live call.


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