We would like to congratulate future CTA Graduate Bob Brenner for his inspirational achievements and winning ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss last night!

Brenner feels compelled to give back, and is eager to share what he learned from his remarkable weight loss journey. Because public speaking and life coaching are critical to fulfilling his new purpose, Brenner is pursuing the professional knowledge and certification to do it right. He knows there are people without professional training who call themselves life coaches, and that does not sit well with Brenner. The man who lost 20 inches from his waistline during a yearlong fight for his life does not take short cuts.

“My desire to receive proper training and certification came from the same place of integrity that inspired my weight loss,” said Brenner. “To become the most effective life coach I can be for people, it’s critical I invest time and energy in becoming professionally trained and prep ared.”

Brenner has a friend who became a successful coach through Coach Training Alliance, so the former Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department detective thoroughly checked out the organization before he enrolled.

“I looked into other coaching programs, but CTA’s admissions staff, faculty, content and methods are first-class, and so relevant,” said Brenner. “There was no competition.”

Although Brenner’s new business “i-Coach Transformation” is based near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his public speaking, coaching practice and upcoming book will reach individuals across the country. Brenner also plans to maintain strong ties with Colorado, well known as one of the healthiest states in America. Colorado is currently hosting Season Four of “Extreme Weight Loss” at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center near Denver. As the weight loss record setter of Season Three, Brenner hopes to offer encouragement and support to those who appear on Season Four of the show. Brenner also plans to pursue ongoing professional development with Colorado’s Coach Training Alliance, which he considers the top coaching certification program in the country!

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