Starts September 10th @ 7pm ET

Wellness is a $500 billion industry and is just getting started. It’s about how simple choices profoundly affect our lives.

Introduce yourself to the Wellness Revolution market that is contributing high returns on investment for coaches and their clients. Specializing in Wellness Coaching, or simply adding it your practice, is NOT a stretch. You are – most likely – already touching on some wellness principles in your current client sessions.

Registrants in the Art & Science of Coaching Wellness teleclass receive an immediate download of ROADMAP FOR A NEW WELLNESS STORY®: 7 STEPS TO ENHANCE HEALTH AND LONGEVITY –an 84 page workbook with 36 exercises and work tools including the 7 step ROADMAP System written by David Krueger, M.D.

Wellness integrates mind, body and spirit with a balanced flow of energy… and isn’t that what coaching is all about? Coaches who become knowledgeable about guiding their clients to true wellness are enjoying thriving practices, and so can you!

Your Expert Guide

David Krueger M.D.
Dr. Krueger, in addition to being our Dean of Curriculum, is an Executive Mentor Coach and CEO of MentorPath®, a coaching, training, publishing, and wellness firm.  He was Clinical Professor Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine where he formally practiced and taught psychiatry and psychoanalysis.  He was listed in the Best Doctors in America (Woodward/White, Incorporated Publishers) and listed among America’s Top  Psychiatrists by the Consumer Research Counsel of America, Washington, D.C.

His 16th book, The Secret Language of Money, is a business bestseller, translated into 10 languages.

Class Starts Monday September 10th at 7pm ET

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