Divorce and Back Coaching was started to help individuals work through troubled times and find the light to guide them through the tunnel. A troubled marriage or divorce can be devastating to those involved, impacted by it, and their futures. At Divorce and Back Coaching I help individuals uncover and release the power within them; in order to travel down the path to recapturing their life, finding peace, and rediscovering who they are. Through a Co-Creative relationship clients are able to reach inside and find the strength needed to get through the pain of a broken relationship.

Since my youth, I have long had the desire, motivation, and passion to help others through the difficult times in their lives which prevent healing and growth. Throughout my years in the many friends, co-workers, and strangers have confided in me with their difficulties. At the time I didn’t realize it but this was a form of coaching. I wasn’t aware of this but I did know what I was doing was helping them through a confused time.

I understand how difficult and traumatic a troubled marriage and/or a divorce can be. This knowledge and insight comes from my own experience. I also know that difficult times are not the end but just another turn of the page in life. The healing power and ability to overcome what troubles us and to succeed at whatever we desire in life dwells inside each of us. All it takes is that first step onto a new path! Coaching helps guide us to and down this path.
I have built my coaching practice (Divorce and Back) on the belief that although a troubled marriage or divorce can be devastating there is a way to navigate through it. I help those struggling with issues or turmoil find their way back to a peaceful existence through a Co-Creative coaching model. With my training, experience, and skills as a coach I help men, women, and children navigate through troubled waters and back to living life.