What does a divorce coach do?

Difficult times in life are not always what we think. Sometimes they are the end result of a hidden or underlying issues. These issues, if left untouched, can sometimes have catastrophic or life altering results.

A coach can help you drill down into the core of the issue, unmask the problem, and figure out the cause and find a solution.

What a Coach is:
• A coach is a co-creative partner
• A coach helps individuals look inside themselves for solutions
• A coach asks questions to help you find answers
• A coach listens intently to hear the silent cues
• A coach is a partner to help
If you are going through a difficult time whether it is marital issues, divorce, job issues, or you just need some direction in your life; maybe it is time to take the next step and speak to a coach. Try a free coaching session with Keith Rickelman. Keith is a certified coach through Coach Training Alliance (CTA) and understands the emotions involved with marital struggles/divorce and he understands the effects that stem from this and other problematic events in life. His own life experiences and struggles have taught him how to cope with the issues that arise from life changing events.

Question: How do I get a free session scheduled?                                                             Answer: Contact Keith at divorceandback@yahoo.com to get your first session at no cost or obligation! You decide if coaching is right for you.
Question: Are all sessions completely confidential?                                                          Answer: As a Certified Coach anything discussed between clients and myself is kept strictly confidential.

Question: What is stopping you from experiencing a coaching session?                         Answer: You. Invest in yourself today and start the path to living a purposeful and prosperous life!