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08/10/2020 / by Leonard Horsford

Philip Jach Infrastructure & Network Management | Engineering | Programming

For over a decade, Lenny was my manager. During my time under his leadership, I formed a deep appreciation for his skills in both coaching and mentoring; professionally and personally. Professionally, Lenny provided me with solid advice and direction throughout my career with Enterprise Holdings. Lenny understands what soft-skills are and he is very astute at recognizing where someone can improve without being judgmental or biased. As a “techie”, I tended to disregard those soft-skills as something unimportant in a career. Lenny helped me understand their importance, which I carry with me today. He effectively helped me develop a number of soft-skills which assisted me in numerous promotions, including a management role. Personally, as anyone can agree with, life has its ups and downs, and of course, I had my share. During those periods Lenny was compassionate and empathetic. He offered support and guidance as a neutral party. His advice always took a positive approach. I am blessed to have had Lenny’s influence on my life. Anyone needing help finding focus in the fog should reach out to him. I wouldn’t hesitate. Thank you, Lenny 😉 for all you’ve done. Good luck to you in your new endeavors.

Russ LeBar Senior Systems Engineer

Most managers can identify areas for improvement, but beyond pointing you to some training webinars you are on your own. Lenny is the only manager I worked for that developed a coherent plan to achieve those goals. It took me over a decade to go from Engineer 1 to Engineer 2 without his help. With Lenny’s guidance, I was able to make Engineer 3 *in a couple of years* thanks to a solid plan of achievable goals. If you are struggling to take your career to the next level, Lenny can help you too. You just need to bring sincerity, honesty, and a willingness to work for the goals and he’ll get you on the right path.

Stephanie Pericich Independent Author

I am hard-pressed to think of a person who is better suited for coaching than Leonard Horsford. I worked for many years in an IT department with Leonard, and I watched as he mentored not only his own direct reports but many other colleagues as well. His professionalism, knowledge, wisdom, and caring are in perfect balance. When speaking with Leonard, one always has his undivided attention; his listening skills are unsurpassed. I enthusiastically recommend Leornard as a coach and mentor.

Carla Lambrecht Information Technology Executive | Operations | Application | Infrastructure across Multiple Industries

Lenny worked for me as a Sr. Manager in Information Technology for over 5 years. Lenny was an exceptional people manager, focusing on developing relationships with his teammates and customers to provide extraordinary customer service. As a manager of technical resources, Lenny spent time working with each teammate focusing on their specific development needs. Lenny’s strengths were working with those individuals that needed coaching on how to establish productive workplace relationships. Lenny is a very caring individual with the skills to help people be aware of their interactions with others and how to improve their working relationship with their teammates and peers developing a team that performs at a high level. I would recommend Lenny as a coach for technology professionals to learn how to establish productive workplace relationships and improve their success.

John M. David Vice President of Operations at Becker Iron & Metal, Inc. Lenny is an excellent coach and is very good at developing and maintaining relationships. He has a very easy-going personality and is particularly strong at leveraging people’s strengths, motivating people to do their best work, and resolving conflicts. I would highly recommend Lenny for anyone looking to strengthen or improve their individual and/or team skills in these areas.

Pierre Davis Sr. Systems Engineer

Lenny, as my manager, has coached me from the inception of my career with a profound desire to genuinely know an individual! With that, it has allowed me to trust his guidance while he simultaneously developed, challenged, and helped me see the bigger picture behind the work that is being performed day-to-day. He has never demeaned me nor sugar-coated a difficult situation but has always challenged me to consider the “what if” possibility’s of situations. I don’t think I’d have the perspective I have if it had not been for the unique way he coaches! So thankful to have worked with him and been a recipient of his invaluable coaching!!

Antonio Stevens, PMP IT Director, Help Desk at KPMG ,

Lenny has been one of two of my mentors, for years. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, and has a gift with providing guidance when facing tough decisions. I can’t recommend him enough.

William C Lewis JR – ENGINEER

I had worked with Leonard Horsford for over ten years. I personally have availed myself of his mentoring and have seen the positive effect he has had on others.

JoeAnna Jackson – Systems Engineer

As a mentor, manager, and friend, Leonard has played a very instrumental role in the development of my IT career. Leonard has the unique ability to discern strengths and abilities and pilot those individual attributes into portable skillsets. Under his direction, Leonard pushed me to take on challenging tasks which provided me with not only learning experiences but also greater self-confidence.

Rick BozadaBusiness Continuity and Disaster Recovery Professional, CBCP

I am truly exited for Lenny and his new business. This is because it absolutely plays to his greatest strengths – intelligence, empathy and experience. In the high-stress, fast-paced technology workplace, Lenny excelled because of his ability to deftly applied these strengths within a continuously evolving culture. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lenny outside of the workplace as we both share a passion for photography. Over the years, I have relished his keen eye and insight. I have found myself eager to hear his articulated thought process in constructing an image. Lenny’s ability to story tell leaves the listener yearning for more. Yet it is a two-way conversation that Lenny invites you to join. While Lenny’s rich business experience carries its own extreme value, it is his life journey, that provides the backbone for his ability to bring the best out in people. Lenny has had more than his share of hardship and heartache yet through it all he has remained positive and resilient. I am proud to have Lenny in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that he has ability to be your valued life and professional coach.