My Services


Notice: I don’t put prices right on this site. I deal with clients on a sliding scale, so if you don’t think you can afford my services, don’t let that deter you from emailing me to ask about any of my services. Do not think however, that I will offer all my services on an unlimited to scale an endless stream of clients for free. My time is limited.

Coaching Services

Here is how it works, I will talk to you over Jami or Jitsi  . Sessions will be scheduled in the afternoons and evenings eastern standard time. Let me know what day works best for you. All coaching sessions will require an email from you giving me some basic information before we get started. Then, if I think we might be a good fit, I will offer a fifteen minute introductory session to see if my coaching will benefit you. Then we will work a schedule and payment plan that suits your needs and budget. I offer two main types of coaching services, Career Rebooting Sessions and Make Money from your Freedom Respecting Software Project.

Career Rebooting Sessions

What are career rebooting sessions? and How can they help me get the career I want or even get a job. First of all, let me state what career reboot sessions are not, they are not specific help with resumes, or interviews, a career matching test to find your ideal career or an advice lecture where I tell you what you need to do.
But then What are they exactly? Career rebooting sessions help you pinpoint exactly what you want to accomplish in your career and concrete steps you will need to take to get there. Sometimes you may find yourself rewriting your resume or taking a career test, but not without first assessing what your individual needs and desires.
You will find your passion and the courage to move forward with the right career for you. You already have the answers inside of you of what you need to do but sometimes with inadvertently deceive ourselves about what we really want to be doing.

Before scheduling an introductory session with you I will need to to know the following in email. Please be honest. It is the only way I can help you.

1. What is your educational background?

2. What types of jobs have you held ( write N\A if this is not applicable to you.) what did you like/dislike about them?

3. What careers are you currently considering ( leave N\A if not applicable)

4. How do you feel about the idea of starting your own business?

Make money from your freedom respecting software project

Have a freedom respecting and open source software project? Would you like to make money writing software that gives its users the four freedoms?

0. Freedom zero the freedom to use the software for any purpose

1. Freedom one the freedom to modify the software

2. Freedom two the freedom to share copies of the software.

3. Freedom three, the freedom to share modified copies of the software.

The four freedoms and further explanations can be found here

This is an ideal coaching package if the following are true.

1. You already have some source code under a free software license in a public repository

2. You would ideally like to work full time on your project instead of having to do other things for a living.

3. You are willing to think critically about philosophy and analyze your value system.

4. Freedom respecting software is important to you, not just making money.

5. You are willing to do the hard work of facing your fears to make this happen.

In order to provide this service, I will need the following information from you.

1. give me the url of your public code repository (user name, so I can see you really made contributions under a free software license.

2. Tell me what you are currently doing for a living (or include if you are a student or supported by your spouse, family members or other means)

3. I will need to know the basics of your religious and political beliefs. That will help me assess if we are a good fit, and also if we are what tools would serve our coaching sessions the best.

4. List your most important values in your life, the ones you use to make your decisions, such as what career to pursue. Don’t worry if you don’t have this all figured out.

5. What scares you the most about making a living from your freedom respecting software project. You don’t have to answer that if you are not ready to answer it.