Career Rebooting Sessions

What are career rebooting sessions? and How can they help me get the career I want or even get a job. First of all, let me state what career reboot sessions are not, they are not specific help with resumes, or interviews, a career matching test to find your ideal career or an advice lecture where I tell you what you need to do.
But then What are they exactly? Career rebooting sessions help you pinpoint exactly what you want to accomplish in your career and concrete steps you will need to take to get there. Sometimes you may find yourself rewriting your resume or taking a career test, but not without first assessing what your individual needs and desires.
You will find your passion and the courage to move forward with the right career for you. You already have the answers inside of you of what you need to do but sometimes with inadvertently deceive ourselves about what we really want to be doing.

Here is how it works, I will talk to you over the phone or over a free and Linux compatible Voice over IP program. Sessions will be scheduled in the afternoons and evenings eastern standard time. Let me know what day works best for you.

How many sessions do I need and what do they cost?
Good questions, all clients will get a free fifteen minute introductory session to determine if Career Rebooting Sessions are right for them, then we will start off with one forty five minute session to get started and then further sessions as needed.

The cost for the first session is $99, after that ask me about it depending on your long term goals, please ask, even if you think you can’t afford more we can work something out. I’m currently doing a launch special offering these sessions for only $20, less than what it costs to eat out at a nice sit down restaurant for dinner.