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Networking Alchemy Coaching Package – normally $2500, ask about specific discounts that may apply to your situation.

In my eight week program, you will learn about yourself and people who are actually not like you in the ways that matter most so you can help them. You will learn to actually like networking with others in the industry and potential clients so that you feel energized from the interactions that you have with them.

Week 1 session 1 finding your ideal audience (who you are)

session 2 finding your ideal audience (your opposite)

Week 2 session 3 getting over internal objections (and the this is not fun vibe)

session 4 getting your target audiences attention

Week 3 session 5 What did you learn? Offering your services for sale.

Week 4 session 6 accountability .. good habits what to do when you run dry on finding your people.

Week 6 session 7 check in – make sure you have invested in the “tools to find the right people”

Week 8 session 8 wrap up. – you have found your “tribe”

Here is how it works, I will talk to you over Jami  Jitsi  or over the phone.  We will work together to find times and days that work best for you.  The first session of my eight week eight week program Networking Alchemy  is free (for now).  If we both feel it is a good fit and want to work together, we will then discuss payment and compensation.  You have skin in the game so don’t think you are going to get free coaching sessions for nothing. All coaching sessions will require an email from you giving me some basic information before we get started.

An example of what you could accomplish with Networking Alchemy:

Make money from your freedom respecting software project

Have a freedom respecting and open source software project? Would you like to make money writing software that gives its users the four freedoms?

0. Freedom zero the freedom to use the software for any purpose

1. Freedom one the freedom to modify the software

2. Freedom two the freedom to share copies of the software.

3. Freedom three, the freedom to share modified copies of the software.

The four freedoms and further explanations can be found here

This is an ideal coaching package if the following are true.

1. You already have some source code under a free software license in a public repository

2. You would ideally like to work full time on your project instead of having to do other things for a living.

3. You are willing to think critically about philosophy and analyze your value system.

4. Freedom respecting software is important to you, not just making money.

5. You are willing to do the hard work of facing your fears to make this happen.

In order to provide this service, I will need the following information from you.

1. give me the url of your public code repository (user name, so I can see you really made contributions under a free software license.

2. Tell me what you are currently doing for a living (or include if you are a student or supported by your spouse, family members or other means)

3. I will need to know the basics of your religious and political beliefs. That will help me assess if we are a good fit, and also if we are what tools would serve our coaching sessions the best.

4. List your most important values in your life, the ones you use to make your decisions, such as what career to pursue. Don’t worry if you don’t have this all figured out.

5. What scares you the most about making a living from your freedom respecting software project. You don’t have to answer that if you are not ready to answer it.