Our Approach

We help leaders be more effective by attending to both the business of the organization and the development of people.

Our approach is to work with our clients to build upon their strengths and shine a light on areas where improvement is possible.  We guide clients through a reflective process, providing support, perspective, and sometimes a challenge along the way.

Coaching is very client centered and customized to the indvidual or group’s goals.  While we provide a structure and process for support, the client drives the conversation and is accountable for the outcomes.  We work towards your agenda.

Our workshops and assessments are similarly tied to our clients goals.  This is a venue where we can add the value of our experience in team and leadership development to enhance our clients’ skill sets and help them create more productive work environments.

Whether a client has formal authority or not, there are opportunities to lead and contribute.  We work with clients to exercise their influence to improve results, process, and relationships in their organizations.