Individual Executive Coaching: helping leaders in organizations lead effectively and have more productive and fulfilling careers.

Group Coaching: for intact teams or professional peer groups:  utlizing the power of multiple perspectives and experiences to raise the performance bar for all.

Custom Workshops: We design and deliver leadership development programs and programs to accelerate team development.  Topics may include communication, conflict management, leading vs. managing, etc. depending on client goals and our mutual assessment.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation: A trained facilitator can help make your retreat, meeting, or breakout session more effective.  Our facilitators are highly skilled at creating environments that are both inclusive and productive.  This also frees up leaders to join in the conversation or observe without being seen as driving the agenda.

Raising Awareness:  We use a variety of assessment instruments to support our team and leadership development work.  The following tools might be recommended pre or post workshop or as part of a coaching program:

  • 360 feedback, participants get anonymous perspective from reports, peers, supervisors, and associates to get a broader picture of their impact.
  • DiSC, looks at behavior styles and suggests ways to bring out your best while flexing to meet the needs of those around you.  We can develop reports for individual and team assessments.
  • Myers Briggs Type  Indicator, delves into the psychological types first developed by Carl Jung.  MBTI is a popular tool to help people understand and value how they and others perceive the world and make decisions.